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6 Best Free WordPress Themes to Create a Website for Free

Friends We will now know about 6 Premium Quality Best Free WordPress Themes by this post. If you ever need a free theme to create a website, then you can read this article and learn about free themes.

The Best Free WordPress Themes of 2020

  1. Phlox by averta in Creative
  2. Astra by Brainstorm Force
  3. OceanWP by OceanWP
  4. Hueman by Nicolas
  5. Illdy by Silkalns
  6. Islemag by Codeinwp

You Can Learn WordPress by Book

Although these themes are free, these themes are of complete premium quality. You can create a professional web site for free with these themes. So let’s know about one by one of the themes and have little idea about the theme options.

1. Phlox WordPress Theme

Phlox WordPress Theme

The first theme we will talk about or we will know. That theme is called Phlox. There are two versions of this theme: a free version and a paid version. With the free version you can create a professional web site.

There are many ready-made demos on this theme that you can easily build a website by inputting. You can create news site, blog site or portfolio site or even e-commerce site through this theme.

While the theme is free, there are many premium options that you won’t find in any other theme. With Element, you can easily create new page or design through drag-and-drop, you can even customize as you like with this Phlox theme.



2. Astra WordPress Theme

Astra Theme

There are also two versions of this theme: a free version and a paid version. There are several ready-made templates for the two versions that you can easily create a professional web site for you and your business.

Some of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins such as Beaver Builder, Elementor and Visual Composer are all in this theme that you can use to easily customize your website.

While this theme is free, you will find all the benefits of a premium theme. Usually these features are not available in any other free theme. You can undoubtedly use to create your website for free.


3. OceanWP Theme

OceanWP Free Theme

Ocean WP theme is also a very popular theme This theme uses about 2 million websites. This theme also has two versions, one free version and one paid version, just like the previous two and there are many ready-made templates that you can use to create websites for your school, blog, portfolio, business, and more.

If you need a lot of functionality then you can use this theme as a premium version and if you need to create a simple website then you can create a website using the free theme. Normally a free version is enough to create a simple website.


4. Hueman WordPress Theme

Hueman Free WP Theme

The next theme is called Hueman. This is a Blog Magazine WordPress Theme. This theme is very popular among free themes. If you want to create a blog site or create a magazine site or write content then this theme will be best for you.

This theme has no multiple templates. This is just for creating blogs or magazine websites. If your purpose is to create a blog or magazine website or to write content then I would suggest you use this theme as it is only for creating these topics in a professional way.

This theme design is very professional to make your blog site or magazine site beautiful. Let’s go to the next theme.


5. Illdy WordPress Theme

Illdy Theme

The next theme is called Building This is a scroll-able One Page Best Free WordPress Themes and it’s completely free, there’s no premium version of it.

Using this theme, you can present various types of information online. For example, your own information is a business information or your third party is an organization information.

This is a professional theme above the general. If you want to reflect on different types of organizations, you can easily create a professional web site using this theme without any hassle.

If you want to create a website within one page it will be very common but to be professional, then you should use this theme. Then we move on to our number six and last free theme.


6. IsleMag WordPress Theme

IsleMag free theme

The last thing I will say about this theme is Islemag This theme was created exclusively for magazines and news sites. If you are thinking of creating just one magazine side or news site for free then this theme will be great for you.

This theme was created to create a special magazine website, which is usually a theme but its look is very professional. If there is one of the best free WordPress themes for creating a magazine or blog website, I would say that is it.


You can find a link to each free theme below the theme’s description. However, my recommendation is that when you become eligible to purchase your paid theme you will update your website from free theme to paid theme.

Which theme is best for your website and what theme you are using or will use in the future, please comment below.


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