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Best Processor 2020 | Exactly What Processor You Need

Companies like Intel and AMD are back in the process of making processors again, with a new series. Intel has launched its new processor Core i9. Which is said to be the fastest desktop processor so far. The Core i9 CPU here is priced at less than the US $999. This processor can make your CPU a 10-core CPU.

Best Processor

The Core i9-7900X is priced at $ 5 and has 4 cores and another model of the same series Core i9-7980XE which costs 1 US $ and has 4 cores. Hmmm, these are some of the above on the Quel Core or Dual Core we use! However, the Core i9-7900X or its base model has just been released in the developed world market.

Undoubtedly, this new processor series is about to support the highest of technology. The processor will support the char channel DDR-4 RAM, Intel’s optical memory and so on. Those who can’t afford to buy the processor even if they sell their kidneys, don’t worry. Intel has released new versions of the Core i9 as well as the Core i7 and Core i5.

Intel is part of the Skylake-X series, which runs on the new X299 chipset. The same chipset that also runs on Core i9. So if you want to buy these new processors at a cost, but abandoning the old motherboard’s illusion, you’ll need to make room for a new shiny X299 chipset.

So after Intel’s newly released processor series, we have one question: will we buy them? Intel is still selling their Core i5, Core i3 earlier models; Or should we just stick to what we have? Or do we upgrade our CPU to the X299 series? I hope you like today’s tune on these issues.

Best Procesor The official desktop:

I need a normal laptop or desktop so I can do normal office work. That means you will usually do web browsing, email checking, social networking, Microsoft Office, watching movies. To speak the truth, the old or new Core i3 processor can handle all your tasks very efficiently.

This is a less expensive processor. This is a very battery efficient processor for laptops. That’s why I would suggest you use the Core i3-7100, which is a more popular starter processor. Core i3’s onboard graphics chip is the largest limitation. Because of that, you may experience a bit of a lag when watching 1080 HD Movies.

However, watching a 720 HD movie won’t be such a problem. That’s why you can use another processor called Intel Core M. Where the HD 5300 graphics chip is priced between Core i3 and Core i5. It is currently available on several laptops and inside Intel’s NUC.

Best Procesor For Student:

Watching movies, lightweight gaming, listening to music, social networking, web browsing, Microsoft Office, course-based software such as Photoshop. If you want to do these things, then I’ll talk to your processor. I will have a recommendation for students to use Core M or Core i5 for their work. Now whoever needs it.

Core i5 is a little stronger than Core M here. Now if you just want to do all the things I mentioned above except gaming, Core M will not be a problem for you. Its battery-saving technology will make your back up the battery all day long on your laptop. However, to get the better of yes performance, you must use Core i5 to keep it on the gaming list.

In the case of a desktop PC, go to the store and buy Core i5. It’s one of the best choices of several PC builders.

Best Procesor For Gamer

Do you want to do Limitless Gaming without just having a frame drops? However, this time you have to talk about your processor. Multitasking, gaming, online chatting, screen recording that are on the to-do list, but here if you want to make a computer for gaming. However, you can use two different methods. For those who are thinking of upgrading the CPU, but do not want to invest in X299, you can decorate a new CPU with at least eight-core server parts.

Not an upgrade. Buy Intel’s Skylake Series processor to build a brand new PC. Which, in the future, is expected to be a problem in 5-6 years. In this case, the base or starting processor will be the Core i5-7640 model which costs the US $250 a quad-core processor.

However, if you already have a core i5-7600 model, no need to upgrade, that’s fine. Also, you can buy the Core i7-7800 model as a further upgrade and it costs the US $400. Although there are Fiscal 6 Cores, there are Virtual 12 Cores in Hyper-Threading. And it supports 28 PCI Express lanes.

Best Procesor for Professional:

When you do coding, 3D modeling, video/sound editing, you will undoubtedly need the best. Because it does not matter if the processor can handle it, it will talk about how fast and efficiently the processor will work! In this case, you can start with the Core i7-7820 which costs the US $680.

Only use high-end processors if you are professional. There is no barrier to ionization You can also select the X299 chipset series for work. Among them are many Tech Enthusiasts, who want the best from Serra. Hmmm, what’s the benefit of the pain in their mind? You will use the core 9, only pay money. Nothing more!


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