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Create a Website to Earn Money | Your First Own Website

Create your own first website for free. In this video we will see, What is a website? What it takes to create a website and how to create a website. What are the benefits of creating and how can I earn from a website?

Create a Website
Create Your First Own Website to Earn Money

If you are an expert on web site, like a web developer or web designer, you can skip the article or continue reading the article with us.

First of all, we know, what is a website? Website Normal is like a book. There are many types of information in the book, and many types of images or many types of art are added to make them understand. A website is like this, where there are many types of information, there are many types of images, videos and you can view or read them.

Is it free to use? Or, you have to pay to use it.

You can use it for free. And you can use the money if you want. What is the benefit of using free or with the use of money? You can use the subdomain for free and you can use the master domain with the money. Now you are saying what is a sub-domain or what is a master domain.

From another domain, you have created a domain for yourself, and that is what is called a subdomain. It’s like or

com .net .org level domains are those called master domain. If you use a master domain, your domain will be like this,,

Now, What is Domain?

If you start a business you have to provide a name for your business like Google. By whose name everyone will know him. The domain is just like that. That will be the name of your website. The name will allow everyone to visit your website. As you are visiting this website by

Now if you have a master domain you should use hosting. Now you are saying what is hosting? When You Start Business You need a place to put your business accessories. Likewise, if you make a website, you need a place to store the information or files on that website, which is called hosting.

Why you create a website?

You can create a website, make an income or create your own profile or learn.

How To Income From Website?

You can earn through affiliate marketing or sponsorship or you can earn through Google Adsense. Even if you want to sell your own product, you can earn by selling it through the website.

Now if you want to do a free website, the best thing to do is or You can easily create websites for free through Blogspot or WordPress. Now you can create a website through Google. How to create a website with Google I will share with you another article.

And if you want to get started with money, you can develop a website yourself by buying a master domain and hosting with it.

You can create your website with a freelancer from different Freelance marketplaces. Or, you can also get in touch with us through the contact page.


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