Monday , February 17 2020

Meizu & Vivo: The Earth’s First Holeless Phone | Bitspok

In the current era of globalization, smartphones are becoming popular. Smartphones are now also called mini computing devices, and smartphones are regularly updating. Various smartphone makers are appearing with the latest surprises of technology to capture the market.

In the meantime, smartphone manufacturers are constantly strengthening the capacity of cameras, RAM, ROM, memory, and battery. But this time a different technology smartphone is coming to the market, there is no button on the phone. There is no hole in the phone and no charging point.

So it is a surprise that the first smartphone without any holes in the case is brought to the market by a rather unknown Chinese company, Meizu. Meizu Zero, the name of the latest device, comes with an all-screen ceramic body, with wireless charging, eSim, and IP68 certification.

meizu holeless phone
meizu holeless phone

In addition to the Chinese company’s release of the phone, the same technology has brought the phone to market “Vivo“. There is no button, hole or any port on both phones. There is no SIM-slot on the phone. It does not even have a speaker space. Not only that, the charging point can not be found on the smartphone.

Vivo Holeless Phone
Vivo Holeless Phone

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Everyone is excited to see this new technology smartphone. In the meantime, a lot of discussions have started about the two phones. Take a look at the ports, holes and buttonless Meizu Zero and Vivo Apex smartphones.

Take a look at Vivo Apex 2019 official teaser.

Vivo Apex 2 is a notch-less, bezel-less, and hole-less smartphone. But how did it do it? Find about Vivo Apex 2019 selfie camera, rear camera, charging port, display, battery, processor, price, launch date & more features and specs about the phone in this Vivo Apex 2019 first look video.

Vivo Apex 2019 First look: A phone from the future?

Take a look at Meizu Zero’s official teaser.

Meizu Zero Review: Phones In the Future Will Be Like This

Recently Meizu also launched a similar type of phone with absolutely zero holes. And a day later Vivo also launched a similar type of phone. But going by the specs and performing the rough Vivo Apex 2019 vs Meizu Zero comparison, we found the Apex 2019 to be better. Which one of the two aforementioned devices is better in your opinion? Please let us know in the comments.

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