Monday , October 3 2022

Messenger Rooms came up with Facebook to beat Zoom!

We often see that Facebook brings various updates and they fix new features or problems in Facebook updates.

We know a lot about zoom video calling. The zoom app allows video calling and chatting with up to 100 people at once. This allows everyone to talk and chat together.

Messenger Rooms Desktop/Laptop Colored
Messenger Rooms Desktop/Laptop Colored

Facebook is now bringing a new app to compete with the Zoom app, which will allow video calling and video chatting with up to 50 people at once.

Facebook has named this feature Messenger Room.

The zoom app is very popular and has many users. The zoom app is popular for group calls or for video calling and chatting with people at once.

Facebook Messenger will get the same features as the zoom app through the room app but the zoom app has 100 video calling but Facebook has 50 but Facebook has security.

They have brought this app for the needs of Facebook users so that they can get the benefit of grouping video calls and video chatting through Facebook.

Messenger app facility from zoom app

Those of us who have used the Zoom app can tell you what the benefits of the app are. Many have said that this app does not have security.

The Facebook Room app has features like the Zoom app, giving users security that the Zoom app does not.

How to use Facebook Room app

No user account is required to use the Room app. Messenger Room can be joined via invite link. The Facebook room that he will create will be able to decorate his messenger room as he wants, he will be able to exclude anyone or lock the room.

Those who are on the block list on Facebook will not be able to join this room. You have to create a messenger room like the messenger group.


Facebook’s new feature ‘Messenger Room’ allows users to talk and message together through group calls. Facebook users will get security in the messenger room. This feature is not yet open to everyone, but will be open to everyone very soon.

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